Post Petition Mortgage Fees In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

I filed bankruptcy to get out of debt. Now I find out I am further behind! That is something no one in bankruptcy wants to say, and something no attorney wants to hear, especially for me in beautiful Berrien County, Michigan. Unfortunately, the truth is, adding fees

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How Soon Can I File Another Bankruptcy In Southwest Michigan

As a Berrien County, Michigan bankruptcy lawyer, I not infrequently come across people who need to file a second bankruptcy. The rules people must adhere to here are the same across the country. Absent a court order to the contrary, one can file multiple bankruptcies at any

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Can Bankruptcy Save My Home From Foreclosure?

Can bankruptcy save my home? Many homeowners ask Michigan bankruptcy lawyers this question every day. Job loss, divorce, and death in the family, these are just some reasons why someone might fall behind on house payments. And, yes, bankruptcy can help save your home. But you have

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I didn’t list a creditor in my bankruptcy. Is it discharged?

As a southwest Michigan bankruptcy attorney, my clients look to me to answer all of their debt related questions. Not infrequently, after a bankruptcy is discharged, clients tell me they received a bill from a creditor or debt collection company that my client didn’t know about, and,

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Michigan schools refund

Back in December 2017, the Supreme Court of Michigan ordered that teachers and other school personnel are due $554 million in ruling that a 2010 law deducting a 3 percent retirement health care contribution was unconstitutional.  Sounds great.  But how does that impact people who are in

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Tax Season Tip From Niles, MI Bankruptcy Attorney

This time of year, a tax refund is often a long awaited help to the financially distressed.  It is no different here in Berrien County, Michigan for those thinking of filing bankruptcy.  Often times, people rely on loans from mom or dad to help them pay the

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